Frequently Asked Questions

When is the latest I can cancel my reservation?
9:00 AM on the day of your booking.  Dishes are prepared same day so to avoid food waste and ensure freshness, but for us, the sooner, the better!  There is a $25 Fee for cancellations made after 9:00 AM.

What happens if it rains?
Weather forecasts are horribly inaccurate.  Here at Picnix we just take it one day at a time.  If it’s miserable out, our staff will call in the morning between 9:00 and 10:00 to say service has been cancelled and will try to re-book the reservation on another day.

What if I'm late?
Just breathe.  Picnix is intended as a leisure service, we will wait!  The average reservation is usually dropped off within 2 hours of pickup, we give 3 hours to ensure that people running behind still get an adequate amount of time.  We do always hope that our guests do arrive within an hour of delivery, but hey, life happens and we understand that.

Do you have Gluten Free options?
We do have Gluten Free options!  The bread and the noodles are the only thing containing wheat on the menu.  With this, we supply GF bread and GF noodles for the salad.  While a gluten free package is available, there is flour in our kitchen and in extreme cases of Coeliac Disease, we are unable to accommodate.   

How do I buy a Gift Certificate?
Gift Certificates are set in $100 denominations, they are available by purchase online by clicking ‘Make a Reservation’ and clicking the ‘Gift Certificates’ Tab.  When purchasing a gift certificate, it will ask for a date.  Choose the date of purchase (today) or pick any day, it doesn’t matter.  The gift voucher can be redeemed on whichever day the recipient chooses.  After making your online purchase, you will then receive an email with a PDF that you can send to the recipient via Email, or Print for a physical copy.  Gift vouchers are made manually, so can take up to 24 hours to be created and sent.

What is the Parking Situation in Stanley Park?
Our drop off point is the most parking friendly area in the Park.  After careful consideration and several test locations, the areas in Stanley Park accessible from the specific drop off point are the best we have come across.  When purchasing Parking, please be sure to remember your license plate number as it is entered on the meter.  Tickets do not need to be displayed on the dashboard.

Can I pick up the wagon and take it somewhere else?
No, the units are not intended to be taken for travel.  They are very cumbersome, having to be able to support a significant amount of weight; therefore, units are intended for their delivery location only.

How do I redeem a Promo Code or Voucher?
When making a reservation, Click ‘Make a Reservation’ and choose your date.  A window will pop up and in the bottom left corner, click on ‘Apply Promo or Voucher’ to use a Gift Certificate or Discount Code.  This will then be tallied towards the final balance.

Do you cater for larger events?
We do!  We have catered for several weddings and outdoor events.  You can rent certain spaces in parks in Vancouver for 25 - 150 people, please visit the City of Vancouver picnic site rental page at:

If you have any questions at all feel free to email or text (778) 889-7706 and we will get back to you!